"As a coach, you're both the instigator of the person's identifying their dreams and vision, and the support and resources to make it happen." Author Unknown

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of asking powerful, thought-provoking, and results-driven questions that draw upon your inner wisdom. Its basic premise is that you as the client are by nature creative, resourceful and whole - and that you have all the "answers" to life's questions, issues and concerns within you.

People who come for coaching are looking for more direction, balance, joy, authenticity or fulfillment in their lives. They want better results than they have been able to achieve on their own. They are in some way ready to "show up" in their lives in a BIGGER way! Is Life Coaching for You? will help you determine whether coaching is a fit for you!

What is the experience of being coached by you?

For specifics on what it is like to be coached by me, please read Meet Karen and What You Can Expect from Me as Your Coach.

Coaching will foster your self growth and learning. If we find in our complimentary coaching session that we are a good match and choose to work together, the synergy between us will begin to create real momentum - and you will begin to discover the exciting, challenging, action-oriented, and insight-producing experience that coaching is! It will build your awareness (of yourself and others), your self confidence, your sense of personal responsibility and accountability for your life. And, last but certainly not least, it will be a balance of work and fun!

How Does Coaching Differ from Counseling?

For information on the differences between coaching and counseling, see the chart outlining the differences.

What is my role as client?

Your role in coaching is to choose life, to be open to more of whatever you want in life - from discovering your vision and mission to learning from the past, letting go, and moving on, to living your life with purpose and passion.

What are my options for coaching? What are your rates, and do you have any discounts or incentive programs?

For information on my coaching options, rates, discount pricing packages, and referral incentives, please see Ask the Coach and Coaching Service Plans and Rates.