What My Clients Have Said About Me

"I really could write a novel on how good Karen is! A family member recommended her, and I went to Karen for relationship help. I was in the middle of an unexpected breakup and really needed some guidance. I felt as if I were in a deep hole, had not been able to sleep or eat for quite some time and couldn't sort out my feelings or issues by myself. When first meeting Karen, I felt instantly at ease and was able to open up to her immediately. After my first session, I was able to sleep for the first time in weeks - a whole night's sleep! The counseling that I received from Karen made me realize many things about myself as well as myself in a relationship. She is able to help me see any situation in a way that I can understand how to grow and work toward making myself a better person. She has gone over and above the call of a counselor for me, whether it be jumping through hoops for my insurance (trying to get signed up under my provider) to save me money or assisting me in between my scheduled times. She provided outside resources as well, in the form of suggesting different books, journaling, and various other helpful exercises. She puts things into perspective for me, has given me the tools I've needed to grow, and each visit with her I become a stronger person. I often recommend her to friends, family and colleagues who are going through difficult times. She is absolutely great!"
Dawn B., Loan Officer

"I wanted to let you know Josh responded really well to his session with you. He has been afraid in our fenced-in back yard by himself - the neighbors have dogs he is afraid of. Wednesday when we got home he went outside and played and purposely tried to get closer to the dog (a friendly dog, but big with a loud bark). I went outside and went with him the rest of the way and he pet the dog. He was really proud of himself. When he came in I was in the kitchen, and it is his job to hang his coat in the basement - a scary place to him. He came upstairs and said 'Mom, Karen helped me...I was scared to hang my coat in the basement and then I thought and put my anchor down and wow, then I could hang up my coat!' Wonderful! I just had to share with you about Josh - thank you for talking with him!"
Jessica P., parent of 6 children and business owner

"I have to thank you over and over for your wisdom about how to talk with my children about the upcoming divorce. It helped me beyond words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Eileen C., therapist

"Thank you so much. You truly are a genuinely kind and caring person. You were so in-depth and descriptive that you cleared ALOT of things up, and I now know better ways to approach this. You really have a gift to connect with someone, and I appreciate all you've done. You really helped me."
Tony E., high school sophomore

"You are always 'right there' when I need you! I now consider this chapter of my life another gift, realizing I needed to make some changes and I wasn't getting the drift!'"
Carol M., interior design business owner

"I feel so much more connected to Spirit and I intend to continue that path. You have been my guide for that in more ways than I can ever tell you - I owe you my life, in many ways. You held me up when I wanted to crumble, pushed me forward when I wanted to retreat and gave me concrete coping skills when my mind couldn't even focus on the next hour. Thank you so much."
Sue D., RN, real estate sales

"I've been working with Karen for about a year and in that time I've experienced tremendous growth in my personal and professional life! Our primary focus has been relationship, and for the past 4 months Karen has been meeting with my significant other and me as a couple's therapist. She has an uncanny way of understanding where both of us are coming from and helping us meet in a 'middle zone' - where we are able to understand each other and the roots of the issues behind our miscommunications. We always feel like we have made such great progress after meeting with Karen, and she helps us set goals to continue the communication growth between sessions. It is so rewarding to see our relationship grow using the suggestions Karen makes, plus there is so much more peace in my life! Thanks, Karen!"
Chelle and Brad