See why Karen Christopherson's readers find her Life Coach columns relevant to so many areas of their lives. The ebook compilations of real-life questions and Karen's action-oriented answers give you the ability to gain a new, more unique perspective, and apply techniques to your own situations living by her motto: What's in the way is the way!

Karen is uniquely qualified to offer her perspective, because she's either "been there" herself or helped others through the various life situations she addresses! She's a personal and professional coach, counselor, mediator and columnist. She has a Master of Social Work degree, training with The Coaches Training Institute and, mediation training with the Community Dispute Resolution Program and the Ann Arbor Mediation Training Institute, and over thirty years of experience in social work, coaching, mediation and health care management. She's a single parent and entrepreneur who fully experiences life by putting herself in others' shoes and understanding what it might be like to be there.

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Choose from wisdom that relates to everyday life, being single or experiencing divorce!  Click on the name of the book to review its table of contents and selected excerpts:

Karen's Intuitive Wisdom on Real-Life Questions: A Life Coach's Perspective
Karen's Intuitive Wisdom on Single Life and Dating: A Life Coach's Perspective
Karen's Intuitive Wisdom on Thriving through Divorce: A Life Coach's Perspective

Find out why Karen's readers call her coaching and writing "genuine, compassionate and nonjudgmental!" Read what people have said about the Real Life book series. She's an inspiration to anyone who wants to effectively deal with real-life situations and relationships, and to spark genuine self-improvement. Karen's intuitive wisdom can help you identify and work through countless dilemmas and problem areas in your own life!