What is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate coaching focuses on the development of human potential. It is an intensive, often short-term process that addresses behaviors and issues which are impeding management/team/employee effectiveness. My corporate coaching assists corporations in building on Stephen Covey's contention that "fundamental to putting first things first in our lives is leadership before management" - ensuring that its individuals "do the right things" rather than "do things right." Management works within the system; effective leadership works on the system. Corporations, their teams/employees, and I as their corporate coach can work together to realize extraordinary results. These are obtained through the creation of a plan with specific action steps and goals, and the motivation to achieve these goals. I can work with your organization and its management to:

How can coaching benefit your business/company?

Corporate managers who seek coaching for their company or employees can expect a positive return on their investment. By working with a corporate coach, managers can measure the impact on their employees' performance via increased productivity, a more positive work place, and the employees' ability to respond successfully to change. Corporate coaching is for managers who want better results than they have been able to achieve on their own. Once managers are clear about their priorities (doing the right things), planning and organizing their own and staff efforts around those priorities is essential.

Coaching sessions can be conducted without having to leave the office or lose time from work, by phone or face-to-face contacts.

See Is Corporate Coaching for You? for a brief survey that will help you determine whether you and/or your company are ready for corporate coaching. You may also wish to schedule a complimentary coaching session to personally experience the benefits of coaching.

For more information on the possible scenarios corporate coaching can address, and the contributions it can make, download a Need/Contribution description. For coaching rates, click here.

For an uncut corporate coaching testimonial, see My Coaching Story.