You may request a free 30-minute introductory telecoaching session if you have reviewed the pages Is Coaching for You? and Why Have a Coach? and believe you are:

The only advance preparation required for the session is completion of the request form. Please come to the call with any questions you may have about coaching or my approach/process, and at least one issue of concern to you at the time - one which may benefit from being our focus in the time allotted for the call. The purpose of this complimentary session is for you to have an opportunity to:

While I will be happy to explain my coaching procedures and philosophy in detail, there will be no pressure, no sales pitch in the call. There is no obligation or charge to you other than whatever your cost is for making the actual phone call. It is simply a time for you to determine whether coaching is for you, and for us to see whether we are a good match. If we are not a fit, I will be happy to recommend other coaches who may in turn offer you a complimentary session to sample their approach.