My self-syndicated Life Coach column has appeared in a variety of publications - magazines, newsletters, and newspapers - the largest of which has twelve editions and a circulation of over 196,000. I love responding to the questions posed, and hearing from readers as to the way in which my words helped them!

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Through my question and answer format, I endeavor to help people identify their strengths, skills and abilities, uncover their seemingly lost dreams, and re-orient their thoughts and actions toward achievement.

I'm told that my conversational style inspires and challenges people to think outside their constraints, to take a "big picture" view of life, to make "smarter" choices about relationships, financial well-being and career - and to own their thoughts, words and behavior.

I am deeply committed to the communities I serve, and to the readers to which I respond. I think you will find that I take great care with each response, to understand and put myself in the place of the person and situation before I answer. My responses are never flippant or caustic, for I give what I wish to receive in life.

If you would like to ask a question to be considered for the Life Coach column, click here. I will choose several questions per month to address on the web site and/or in my other columns, and will send you an email response if yours is one of those selected. Because of the volume of questions posed, not all can be addressed.

If you want to be assured of a response, you may pose a question at Ask a Coach.

Some testimonials from my readers:

"Karen tells the hard truths, dispels myths and bursts the bubbles with which we typically surround things in our minds." Ruth G.

"Karen has an uncanny ability to reframe a situation that helps others develop a different mindset, and process situations in a way previously unfamiliar to them. She unburdens and empowers readers by encouraging them to accept responsibility only for their own issues, not those of others." Anonymous

"You make it possible for people to recognize and break free of limiting beliefs or habits that they've had for years!" RM