Ask the Coach was developed so that you can ask a specific question or select cybercoaching as your option of choice. To gain clarity on what coaching is, if it's right for you and how it can benefit you, please refer to Why Have a Coach and Is Coaching for You?

Quick Coaching: ($35. per question* posed, $50. for two questions) You can ask email questions and receive email responses within 48 hours (If I am out of town, you will be informed by our auto-responder, and I will contact you as soon as possible upon my return). Quick Coaching provides you with a safe, comfortable and private avenue for receiving "just-in-time" coaching in the areas of your life where you feel stuck and in need of moving forward. Submit your question(s) on our Quick Coaching Confidential Client Form.

* Your question may be selected to be featured in our Life Coach column on this site, unless you indicate that you prefer otherwise.

CyberCoaching: ($200 per month) This monthly package offers maximum flexibility and ease of use, and includes up to ten two-way email exchanges throughout the month. If you feel that you might have difficulty scheduling telephone sessions or find that putting your thoughts/questions into writing is most helpful to you in exploring them, this online package could be a great option for you! It can also be helpful for those who live outside the United States. Submit your request for cybercoaching on our CyberCoaching Confidential Client Form.

"Laser" Hourly Coaching: $150/hour for short-term, introductory or follow-up telephone coaching on a specific topic. These may be "bookended" (before and after) half-hour sessions on the same day, to prepare for and debrief from a particularly challenging meeting, task or action. Submit your request for laser coaching on our Laser Coaching Confidential Client Form.

For monthly personal life coaching and corporate coaching rates, package discounts and referral incentives, see Coaching Service Plans and Rates.